I am always looking for new ways to add interesting features to my site and as I often only post a handful of images from shoots on my social media accounts (To prevent most people becoming bored!) I decided to try posting full sets on here as a feature.
Hopefully some of you will find these interesting as it will give you a chance to see images which have not been posted. 
so Let me know what you think, Is this a feature you would like me to continue doing? 
How often should I change the set?
Which set do you want to see next?

As always you can contact me here or via the usual social media Channels!
The second part of the fairy light umbrella shoot. I had tried shooting in this Shirt dress a couple of times before but not quite got the look i was hoping for. When i got the images back i was quite pleased with the images and when i got the feedback on insta when i posted them i knew i had got it right!
I have a few more shirt dresses like this one which you might see in a shoot sometime soon!

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