In this area you will find selfies and more candid style images. 
With the more casual style hopefully it will give a little look into the World of Amy!
I will be building this section up over time, but have started off with images taken at Selfie central in Newcastle as well as a couple of others. The Selfie place gives some great backdrops for snaps and with the poor weather this spring has allowed me to keep creating content when not able to shoot outside!
As always I'd love to hear what you think!
Natural look    #Nomakeup
These two were quick snaps when the weather was warmer in the last week. Hair a little different than you are used to seeing as well! Do you think I should try a proper shoot with my hair like this?
A Couple of new selfies for you!
Two from out and about and one just in the car waiting to shoot! Still need to get used to capturing more of these images to share with you. Your encouragement goes a long way so if you like them, please let me know!
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