"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. 
But when you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls" - Ted Grant
As you will probably have seen, almost all of the work i post on social media are colour images. this is partly because most of the edited images i am sent from shoots are colour, but also because most people like and want to see colour images.
However, I am sometimes sent some mono (black and white) images from shoots and there is something quite timeless and beautiful about them, it seems a pity that I have nowhere to post them. 

So, I thought I might post a few here on my website for those of you who might be interested in seeing me in a slightly different medium. I really love some of these images and i would love to know what you think?
These images from the clueless look give a completely different feel from the colour images. I think the colour images probably fit better with the theme of the shoot and allow the viewer to see that it is actually a clueless cosplay look.  
This said i think these black and white images give a really different look and make me think of a kind of 60's college type look which to me looks nice in it's own right. 
Aim for love apparel
This was one of the first shoots back in 2021 after lockdown 3.0
We went for a natural light shoot in Newcastle centre, using some of the urban features to provide the background to get some fashion portraits with a bit of a grungy look. Again the colour images were something i needed to show the different colours of the items being worn.
The black and white images look different again, perhaps more artful and edgy? Either way they are different and I love it for that!
Swinging 60's
One of my more recent shoots with a lovely dress i had been wanting to shoot in for such a long time! The black and white edits on these really do have a 60's look making me think of the days before colour film being widely used.
I absolutely love variety in my images and I'm always looking for ways to make my images look a little different. I love these edits, the question is  - should i include one of these in my available prints for sale?
Let me know what you think?
New edits
A few images from the umbrella shoot at the end of last year. With a three month lockdown starting shortly after this meaning no one could get out to shoot, it was nice to receive some extra edits of past shoots.
The black and white edits give a totally different look I think and really shows off the lighting on a dark december evening
Jesmond dene
This shoot was based around filmic looks both in colour and black and white. I have to say i love these edits and love the location. such a beautiful place for a walk at any time of year and makes an amazing back drop for portraits as you can see.
60's car
A throw back to summer 2020 after the first lockdown. Got to shoot with a classic 60's car so i was trying to do the 60's look justice. I will leave you to decide whether i pulled the look off or not!
Either way, it was so much fun and i cant wait for this summer for more big shoots!
One of my early studio shoots so please be gentle!
I spend most of my time shooting on location which is my main passion, but i do have some cool ideas for a few studio shoots this year once the studios are allowed to open again! Watch this space!
CLU designs
A few mono edits from a shoot with CLU designs. For more images see their page in my designers section here
Tartan quayside
Making the most of a nice day in the low winter sun on the quayside in Newcastle. I wasn't too sure about the dress when it first arrived but it worked really well and with a few different accessories managed to get a couple of different looks.
I loved the colours on the first batch, but these Black and white images delivered during lockdown gave them a bit of a new twist that i really like!
A Tartan christmas
A change of accessories to make this my christmas shoot. I had a bit of a nightmare trying to put together a christmas look i was happy with, from lockdowns affecting locations, to outfits just not looking right. I ended up just using accessories with this red tartan dress and it turned out better than i could have hoped, with a real santa baby feel!
I got some lovely feedback on the originals i posted and these monos have given a slightly different look. Not going to lie i think the colour images work better in this set, but as they say variety is the spice of life and i love it!
Just a skater girl
A real throwback here to late 2019 and a windswept skater girl shoot. It was great fun, if a little chilly with the wind blowing in off the north sea! Love the slightly grungy look these black and white edits give and think it fits in really well with the theme of the shoot!
A kiss from a rose
Early 2020 as a bit of a valentines theme. Again re-edits received during this lockdown giving a new twist on the shoots. I am always so grateful when photographers send me new edits from shoots we have done in the past. Such a nice surprise and especially when it is a new take on the shoot like this.
"She sees in black and white,
thinks in greys,
but loves in colour"

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