"Inspired by the beauty of the natural world,
I try to express that in my work.
Unique handmade jewellery by Lia Nerula"
Crown of Thorns
This was a fantasy shoot with a kind of princess vibe. the shoot was inspired by a drawing we found on pinterest and which outfit would be complete without a beautiful choker from lia nerula!
We chose this butterfly choker as a bit of an offset against the darker themes of the shoot and think it worked really nicely!
Goddess of witchcraft and sorcery; walker between worlds.
This was a theme I had in mind for a while. had started to put the pieces together for the shoot and found my recent liking for chokers worked so nicely. I chose this one simply to compliment the neckline of the dress i was wearing on the day, but it looks stunning with anything so i need no excuse to wear it more often!
The phantom queen - another of my fantasy themed shoots, i love getting dressed up in fancy dresses and head pieces for shoots. For morrigan we have the iconography of things she is associated with, raven skulls in the head dress and coiled serpentĀ in the choker.
Fairy light umbrella
This night time shoot was a concept i first shot in my early days as a model and was looking to revisit as i felt i could do the idea more justice now that my model skill has developed.
I added the choker simply because i thought it looked extra cute with my white shirt-dress, I am sure you will agree!
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Amazing designs and fantastic prices, I am sure you will find something you love!

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