Looking back on may, what an rainy month we had! total contrast to last year!
The rain really hasn't made it easy to get out and shoot and resulted in having to postpone a couple of fun shoots I have been really looking forward to!

In the gaps between the rain and even once during a pretty heavy downpour I have still managed to get out and shoot a few times and have some cool content ready to come your way!
So here are some teasers, some of which you might have started to notice appearing here and there on the website!
You have probably noticed these images drop on the homepage. 
The day of the shoot it rained heavily all day! What a nightmare! We ended up shooting these under a bridge and I have to say i was quite pleased with how they came out. the weather did mean we couldnt get the variety we wanted in the shots but hopefully you will still like them!

Should I shoot any of these dresses again? If so which one(s) and feel free to give me some ideas of types of locations too!
Using Car parks  to keep the rain off
these images were spread across two shoots where the weather was less than ideal! Again lots to come from these sets, love to know which I should post first?
Quite a few new images for the brands i work with. 
Again taking into account the rain we have had I have made the most of using car parks and as in the second set here used "WEAREselfiecentral" which has opened in Newcastle and gives some cool backgrounds to work with!
It doesnt always go to plan...
we didnt feel the location worked as well as it could for this shoot. Just means we will look to shoot these outfits again sometime soon and get even more images!
Anything else?
Have you seen my fitness and cosplay pages drop on to the site? Should give some pointers as to some things i have planned! Go check them out if you havent already!
New content on my clothing brand page, again go check it out!

Even more content on my influencer pages coming this week, check out Percycutes, Old haunts, profound and retro wolf for new images dropping!
There might even be some more fashion stuff i havent even teased yet! 
As always let me know what you think? Do you like the shoots I have been doing? any thoughts what i should do next? Be sure to let me know and help shape the future of the site!

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