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St Patricks shoot
This month I have decided to cover a throwback to march 2020. I had planned a st Patrick's day themed shoot at a pub (where else!) This was just before the first lockdown where we had no real idea how long we would be kept inside and led to a bit of an enforced creative hibernation. This said, I consider this shoot to be a bit of a turning point in my modelling career and was the start of what I look back on now as a sharp gradient of improvement. So it is quite a special shoot for me for that reason!
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I was really lucky to get permission to shoot in a lovely, traditional pub called The Ship Eighton Banks. It really made for a beautiful and fitting backdrop for the shoot! In addition for someone who does a lot of shoots on location, it was a lovely treat to be shooting in a cosy pub with a nice open fire going!

Photographer - Matt Chadwick 
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