On this page you will find a monthly feature post
This may be a more detailed focus on a shoot I have done with more info on how it was planned and shot, a featured photographer, model or other creative or even a focus on a brand.
If you would like to suggest a subject to be featured or would like to be featured yourself, drop me a message using the link Here
Hoppers Fairytale
To start off the feature page I thought I would go with one of my favourite shoots. This one had been in the making for quite sometime but had been put on hold due to the pandemic. Once restrictions were lifted we put the finishing touches to the outfit and got it booked in during the late summer.
If you have any questions regarding this shoot or even any comments, drop me a message using the contact me form, I will add the question along with the answer below
We found the dress for sale on purpleport and found it looked even better than in the photos I had seen before buying! It's one of my favourite now and has  permanent place in my wardrobe!
The "Viktioria" head dress and blind mask came from Memoria obscura, a designer in switzerland. I absolutely adore their creations and you may have seen me use some of their other items in my shoots
Dress is unbranded bought on Purpleport from another model, head dress and blind mask - Memoria Obscura
Photographer - Matt Chadwick 
MUA - Whatsyourface
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