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This may be a more detailed focus on a shoot I have done with more info on how it was planned and shot, a featured photographer, model or other creative or even a focus on a brand.
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Crown of thorns
The crown of thorns shoot was a little while in the making. With the year being punctuated with restrictions and full lockdowns we had to make use of the down time to get planning and put together the concept and outfit. 
The headline piece of the shoot was the crown of thorns which was made of natural acacia which came from a small business based in Riga, Latvia called old house pearls. It was a beatutiful natural headpiece but i can definitely recommend snipping off the thorns on the side next to your head as they are beyond sharp!

The corset and skirt were items i managed to pick up locally which goes to show how important it can be to network in your area as there are some amazing outfits to be found!
My choker was by the incredibly talented Lia Nerula Handmade
If you have any questions regarding this shoot or even any comments, drop me a message using the contact me form, I will add the question along with the answer below
Make up inspiration
My make up was done by the amazing whatsyourface MUA and was inspired by a drawing i found on pinterest by a sadly uncredited  artist. 
However I showed my mua the image and described what i was looking for and as always she brought the look to life, i was delighted with how it looked in the images!
Photographer - Matt Chadwick 
MUA - Whatsyourface
Designers - Lia Nerula Handmade (Choker)  Old house pearls (Crown)
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